Three-Minute Inspection Process
For the first time in South Africa, LEADERQUIP AUTO SERVICES is displaying the complete 6 Point Quick Check System of Hunter Engineering Company, U.S.A.

The Quick Check System can identify repair opportunities in 2:58 minutes. The 6 Point check focusses on:

a. Stopping Check
  ~ Wheels are tested individually
  ~ Tests brake force at each wheel and overall vehicle deceleration
  Hunter's brake performance tester provides a real-life evaluation of a vehicle's stopping capability in seconds! No need to lift the vehicle or remove the wheels. The brake tester measures the timing, force and balance of the brake system in 0:08 seconds. This is much faster than a visual inspection and it accurately measures the vehicle as it would perform in a real-life situation on the road. It will also contribute extensively to road safety, as approximately 12% of vehicles tested will show braking failure at one or more wheels.

b. Emissions Check
  ~ Retrieves emission codes
  ~ Wirelessly transfers important vehicle information to console
  Hunter's CodeLink for Quick Check connects directly to a vehicle OBD-II port to retrieve important information concerning emission control components and vehicle identification number (VIN) in approximately 10 seconds. It automatically retrieves the VIN, detects check engine light status, retrieves diagnostic trouble codes, checks emission monitor status and allows for entry of mileage and tyre pressure specs into the system. It is compatible with most OBD-II vehicles (1996 or newer), with wireless communication with the console. A general diagnostic system review is provided to customer. It is interesting to note that approximately 10% of all vehicles drive around with a check engine light on.

c. Battery health
  ~ Tests batteries to OEM specs
  ~ Sends results to console wirelessly in 10 seconds
  Over 10% of vehicles have a battery-related issue. Hunter's battery health test measures a battery's ability to carry electric current in about 20 seconds! A low-current test signal is used to prevent possible damage to sensitive electronic components.

d. Tyre Pressure
  ~ Automatically adjusts air pressure to user-entered OEM spec
  ~ Records before and after pressures
  Hunter's Integrated Tyre Inflation system will automatically inflate all four tyres simultaneously. Time is saved by eliminating repeated manual pressure checks. Corrected tyre pressures are recorded on the customer's printout.

e. Tyre Health
  ~ Quick and easy tyre wear check
  ~ Conditions transmitted to console automatically
  In about 30 seconds, Hunter's patented tread depth gauge provides a quick and easy assessment of tyre conditions. Tread depth results are automatically sent to the console and graphically shown on the customer printout. The tread depth printout shows pass / fail results for the percentage of the tread depth remaining and the general condition of the tyres. Over 20% of vehicles have one or more tyres in need of replacement.

f. Wheel Alignment
  ~ Fast verification of alignment need
  ~ Boost traffic to most profitable undercar service
  Hunter's patented alignment check system is the quickest way to measure alignment angles that affect tyre life. The test takes less than a minute to produce total toe and camber measurements for both axles. With this facility, every vehicle that enters the shop can be checked, without tying up the wheel alignment bay. Alignment sales will increase dramatically, as approximately 60% of all vehicles on the road are out of alignment.

At the end of the 6 Point Quick Check, a comprehensive easy-to-understand printout with colour-coded graphics is generated to use when discussing the diagnosis with the customer. A separate print-out with more technical details is generated for the technician's use.

The Quick Check System with its 6 Point Check facility generates multiple opportunities for an enterprising business entrepreneur to dramatically increase sales of service and wheel alignments, as well as tyres, batteries and brake components.

The Quick Check System also offers dozens of installation possibilities, with configurations for every individual shop.

Visit LEADERQUIP at Stand 7E020 in Hall 7 for a live demonstration!


Elize Smit-Labuschagne
Leaderquip Auto Services