28. April 2015

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Glasurit Van Launch at Automechanika

Glasurit, BASF Coatings Services', premium paint brand, will be showcased in a unique way at this year's Automechanika Johannesburg Trade Fair being held at the Johannesburg Expo centre from 6-9 May.

Glasurit is using the platform of the expo to launch its mobile Glasurit Van which is equipped with the latest paint technology and is designed to resemble a mixing room of a state of the art panel shop. Glasurit will also be partnering with RMI and WorldSkills, amongst other sponsors, by supplying paints and coatings to the winners of the vehicle spray painting practitioner category in the 2015 WorldSkills Competition.

Glasurit Van

The idea behind the van was borne from the need to illustrate various product offerings from Glasurit to the automotive refinish industry, allowing for demonstrations to be conducted at a potential customer's panel shop. Efficiencies such as the way the product mixes in comparison to other products can be proven at the customer's premises.

Glasurit Regional Sales Manager, Vicus Herbst, explains: "This is an extremely exciting and innovative development for the Glasurit team. Previously we have found it challenging to demonstrate how efficient our product actually is, and now we can prove its full value through this mobile facility. We can now park the van at the panel shop and use one of the customer's spray booths in order to demonstrate the product's capabilities. A technician will mix all the paint jobs from our van as well as paint all the cars assigned for the trial run by the customer." Herbst also notes that this is a more convenient way of setting up the mixing banks for trials as it is less time consuming in contrast to setting up a mixing bank inside the panel shop.

"The concept would then allow us to demonstrate to the how we can increase productivity by comparing past history data on the number of cars that would have been painted over the same period of time that the Glasurit van would have been set up for the trial period, as well provide comparisons on consumption of paint and labour costs," elaborates Herbst.

The van is equipped with paint management tools such as computer software that models how to manage a paint shop, including a stock management system. It has equipment such as spectrometers - a hi-tech paint gadget which has the ability to do colour retrieval from the panel of a car and, once connected to the computer, calculates the formula to mix the exact paint colour.

The primary benefit of this mobile van is the convenience to the customer, while Glasurit also saves costs in having a mobile unit as opposed to setting up a mixing bank in the shop. The customer also benefits by being exposed to the Glasurit product ranges, while being assured of no production loss by having the van parked at the panel shop.

"For us running a trial with the Glasurit van at the panel shop gives us an opportunity to give a preview to the customer with the aim of installing a permanent mixing bank at the end of the trial period," comments Herbst.


"For many years, the industry has known us by our parent company's name, BASF, the world's leading chemical company. With this new Glasurit van, branded only with its trademark colours, it certainly gives the brand a lot more exposure. Technical students attending the show and the industry at large, will be able to identify Glasurit as one of the major role players in the market," says Geraldine Mupudzi, Marketing and Communications Specialist. For the students who will be visiting the WorldSkills competition stage, they will be able to look inside the van and associate it with state-of-the-art technology.

Mupudzi concludes: "For those that do not know what our system is about, this is a great channel for us to create brand awareness and provide product testing at fairs and expos such as Automechanika, so potential customers can get first-hand experience with our products. It's about taking the product to the customer, wherever they are."

The Glasurit van will be located in HALL 8, at the WorldSkills competition stage during the Automechanika Johannesburg 2015 show.


Glasurit Automotive Refinish: An important part of BASF Coatings

Within the brand Glasurit, BASF sells a comprehensive portfolio of paint systems for vehicles and car refinish with the main focus on eco-efficient waterborne and high solid paints. Within this refinish system, all global legal provisions with regards to solvents reduction can be achieved without compromising on the quality of conventional paint systems such as appearance and durability. With Glasurit's broad portfolio of products and services, the brand is able to service all its customers in the field. Glasurit Automotive Refinish products are approved from most leading automotive OEM manufactures for refinish work due to the high colour competencies of the most renowned car brands.