1. South Africa offers investors the stability of a country with first world standards in business infrastructure but also offers you emerging market vibrancy and opportunity; the ideal formula for growth and profitability.
  2. Trade between South Africa and the sub-Saharan African Region is strong and ever-growing. Cross border trade is eased by various trade agreements with sub-Saharan African countries which positions South Africa as the ideal location to access the sub-Saharan African Region.
  3. Automechanika Johannesburg targets trade visitors from the sub-Saharan African Region
  4. Meet sub-Saharan African buyers in a neutral business environment to establish and strengthen business relations in the Region.
  5. Explore new channels and generate sales leads at Automechanika Johannesburg 2017.
  6. The targeted business to business visitor profile delivers genuine business enquiries and opportunities.
  7. Source new agents, distributors and partners in sub-Saharan Africa.
  8. Participate in the business matchmaking programme to meet targeted clients.
  9. Gain exposure for your new innovative products and services through participation in the Innovations Award Competition.
  10. The co-location of Futuroad Expo, Scalex Expo and REIFEN with Automechanika Johannesburg optimises trade visitor synergies that enhances the value proposition for you as an exhibitor.
  11. Generate media exposure for your Company.
  12. Launch new products and services in the market and gain media and PR exposure as part of your overall marketing strategy to build your brand.

Business Matchmaking

A trade fair is about business and a professional business matchmaking programme will be in operation before and during the Show, supported by on-site assistance, to assist exhibitors in facilitating business meetings and matching exhibitor and trade visitor interests.

Automechanika Academy Conference and Workshop Programme

The Automechanika Academy Programme will focus on the latest developments in automotive technology, business practice and new products and services, covering the complex automotive aftermarket. The Academy Programme is a prime venue for you, as an exhibitor, to participate by offering workshops, demonstration and training sessions for existing and prospective clients. We are ready to assist!

Automechanika Innovation Awards

The Automechanika Innovation Award Competition presents a valuable opportunity for exhibitors to showcase new and innovative products and services and receive recognition and exposure for groundbreaking and game-changing developments and trends.

Truck Competence

Sub-Saharan African transport infrastructure relies heavily on transport by trucks and due cognisance is given to exhibitors who offer support by way of products and services to the trucking/transport and fleet sectors through our “Truck Competence”
identification system, to ease navigation by trade visitors.

Electro Mobility

What will the workshop of the future look like? A fascinating new automotive technology is developing around the concept of electro mobility and Automechanika Johannesburg provides the platform for showcasing the latest developments in this
rapidly-growing and dynamic field. An invaluable opportunity for exhibitors to introduce their electro mobility concepts, products and services to Africa.

The Environment

Sustainability in an environmentally friendly and supportive manner is the key to the future and Automechanika Johannesburg’s Green Directory listing of exhibitors who fulfil an active role in preserving and promoting the environment in business, are included in the Show’s Green Directory Exhibitor Listing.


On-going training and development of manpower is an imperative to enable business to grow, function profitably, efficiently and to be fully prepared to face constant change at all levels. Automechanika Johannesburg brings focus to bear on this crucial aspect of business in skills-hungry Africa.




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